Insurance & Payments

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Insurance and Payments

Stripe payment processing is used for your convenience, privacy and security.

The Stripe payment portal is HIPAA compliant, with no need to have an account.

If you have a co-pay, it will be due prior to your appointment and can be paid online through the secure client portal link below, and processed through Stripe. To use this secure payment method, it is not necessary to open a Stripe account.
Insured or private, all payments can be made through Stripe (See schedule below for private pay).

Employee Assistance Program

No fee is collected from the client for EAP counseling. You pay nothing.


Insurance companies may require a co-pay, which co-pay can vary depending on the provider you visit, your plan and whether there is a deductible. Generally, the back of your insurance card has a phone number to call and verify coverage. Prior to the first session, your counselor will request information to verify coverage as well.

If you have a co-pay, it will be due prior to your appointment and can be paid online with Stripe using a debit or credit card. I do not accept checks in the office but can take a debit or credit card prior to your appointment

Private Pay

If your insurance does not cover counseling services, or if you opt not to use your insurance and would like to pay for services, the fee schedule is listed below. Payment will be due prior to your session.

Type of Therapy Length of Session Fee
Individual Psychotherapy 50 minutes $100
Couples Therapy 50 minutes $100
75 minutes $125
Family Therapy 50 minutes $100
75 minutes $125
Child & Adolescent Therapy 50 minutes $100
Phone Consultation1 Per 5 minutes2 $103

1 Only for established clients

2 5-minute minimum

3 Payment due prior to call

By clicking on the link below, you can make a secure Stripe payment  (this feature coming soon).